TicToe Fury for iOS

Multiple game styles

TicToe Fury will for sure become one of your 'must have apps'. It's designed in an extraordinary way that will make you want to play for hours straight. Enjoy it on your iPad alone, with your friends or online. Whichever way, it will certainly entertain you.

Online or offline gameplay

Play against the AI in easy or hard modes, challenge friends on your device or play online with a random player or one of your friends. However you like to play we give you control and options.

Amazing graphics

Relive your childhood game taken to a new level with amazing graphics tailored specifically for each device. Wether you have an iPhone or an iPad we promise you'll love TicToe Fury.

Our illustrations are designed with great detail and precision. Images and animations are created separately for each device; you'll always have stunning graphics to look at.

Customizable experience

Change your name and your colors along with your playing style. Every match you play will feel different. Win over 30 achievements and raise up the online leaderboard.

Our apps and games are universal: download them once and play them on all your iOS devices. And if this is not enough, we sync your online match's progress through so you can pick up from where you left off.

Great reviews

Key features

Get a kick out of the game using all its wonderful features which include:

  • Game Center turn based multiplayer (so you can play with your friends at any time)
  • Universal game (buy once enjoy on all your devices)
  • Single-player games
  • Multiplayer local games
  • Over 33 achievements to earn
  • Online leaderboards
  • Color and name selection
  • Magical graphics
  • Fluent animations
  • Outstanding music

It's in the details

At wOzy we care about small details, we've done everything possible to design a beautiful user interface. We build the app from scratch, took pencil and paper into action and created magical graphics. Our programming is organised and polished. We work hard to always upgrade and improve our apps with great new features.

We love music

Life would be boring without music, this is why we have decided to create our own sound track. High quality music created by the wOzy team is played throught the game in an enmersive environment that will vastly enhace your entertainment experience.